200 yd 85+ Mixed Free Relay’four women 320+ 800 free relay  broke  National SCM RecordRowdy Gaines  age group record setting

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Seniors Shatter World Record - Master Swimmers set a new world record at Rowdy Gaines Master Classic Meet in Orlando on December 17, 2016.  200 Meter Freestyle Mixed Relay (360 combined) included Ed Graves (93); Joan Campbell (88); Betty Lorenzi (89); and John Corse (92).  They shattered the old World Record in this category by 15+ seconds!
 See the video here.
Another moving video about the World Record

The Champs

May 2015 latest - News story about "the boys" http://www.news4jax.com/news/unbreakable-bond/32954228

Pictured above...
Left -
Milan Kutanovski, Betty Lorenzi, Sylvia Eisele and John Cornell, recordbreakers in the 200 yd 85+ Mixed Free Relay

Middle -  Martha, Susan, Pat and Joan in Budapest see July/August 2017  Review below for details
Right - History was made at the Sixth Annual Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic.  Edwin Graves, 91, Tiger Holmes, 93, John Corse, 90 and William Adams, 88, all former college swimmers who stopped swimming for decades, went on an age-group record setting binge.  The swimmers' combined age is 362: and average of 90.5!  See the video  https://growingbolder.com/925882 

Congrats to Betty Lorenzi for being #7  in the Top 12 USA swimmers in the World http://www.usms.org/articles/articledisplay.php?aid=2708

Crippled Oldsters Smash National Record


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Dixie Zone Swimming
United States Masters Swimming
Florida LMSC


The Florida Aquatic Combined Team (FACT) is ideally composed of those members of the Florida LMSC who regularly compete and desire to join others to form a team that is competitive on a Zone, National and International level. We hoped to create camaraderie in line with USMS goals and give us all a chance to really know members of the other teams that comprise the Florida Combined Team. Although there are large clubs in this LMSC, it is a normal occurrence that approximately 10% of a team competes regularly (a local and national phenomena), and even less compete outside our LMSC – sometimes only 3 or 4 swimmers at Nationals and World’s!! This makes for very weak representation on a national scale for one of the strongest swimming areas in the country!
  • We will refer to “Clubs” and “Workout Groups” (previously called “Chapters”) within this information sheet as:
CLUB: The official USMS Registered Club (FACT, HLJ)
WORKOUT GROUP: Workout Groups or those affiliated with FACT are designated by replacing the last CLUB abbreviation letter with an “F” or adding an “F” if there are only 3 letters or numbers in the abbreviation: (UNAF, HLJF,
VASF, CLCF). Recently these workout groups have had the opportunity to register with USMS as Workout Groups of FACT for a nominal amount and thus are able to receive communications from USMS rather than relying on FACT to
send them information. “Chapter” has been changed to “Workout Group" because “workout group” is the official name in the USMS rule book.
  • Meets within our LMSC can be Club or Workout Group competitions.
  • If the Meet Director is agreeable, team scores can be totaled by using their Workout Group designation, including relays made up of all CLCF or VASF members, for example.
  • At all times, consider that USMS only recognizes our REGISTERED team and results for Top Ten, Records, etc. will indicate FACT only.
  • All Clubs or Workout Groups remain autonomous financially and otherwise.
  • There are no additional fees for membership in FACT other than a once-a-year $7.00 registration fee that covers FACT relays at all meets and other administrative costs.
We recommend that members of a Workout Group who plan on any competitive swimming events be registered as FACT. Also, it is advantageous to maintain your club entity registration for communications purposes and for those totally non-competitive

Membership in FACT is voluntary at both the individual and workout group levels.  Membership can include Unattached swimmers as well as swimmers who are members of Workout Groups.

FACT is an independent club in the Florida LMSC. It is not the LMSC club, it does not have special LMSC support, other than what is given to other independent clubs, and the LMSC does not exercise any control or responsibility other than what it does for any other registered clubs.

Can some members of a club join FACT while others choose not to?
Yes. USMS insurance will still be in effect for all team practices. It won’t make any difference anywhere except at competitions, but be sure everyone understands the implications for competition.

How would that affect each person’s USMS Registration?
As far as USMS is concerned, the Florida Aquatic Combined Team (FACT) and the local Club are two entirely different entities. To make things easier to understand, VAST would be an example of a Club; VASF would be a Workout Group of the USMS registered Club of FACT, even though they may swim and workout together.

USMS Rules about membership and transferring membership:
USMS rules pertaining to registration:
  • There shall be only one USMS registration per individual permitted at any time.  This means that swimmers may not register for the combined team and their local club. They will be considered a local workout group of FACT.
  •  In order for a swimmer to compete as a representative of a club, that club must be a member in good standing of an LMSC and USMS for the year a swimmer is registering. FACT is a registered Club of the Florida LMSC and USMS.
  • A swimmer shall not REPRESENT any club in competition for 60 consecutive days before transferring affiliation to another club, unless this transfer takes place at the time of annual registration.

What about registration fees?
All local club registration fees would still go to the local club/workout group, which would set its own fees. Members of a FACT Workout Group and unattached FACT members have an additional $7.00 fee to cover relay and administrative expenses of the FACT Treasurer. If you do not register on line be sure to send your $7.00 fee to the FACT treasurer: Marianne Bradley, 2865 Chelsea PL N, Clearwater, FL 33759.
Questions: bradleym@tampabay.rr.com. Failure to pay this small fee will mean you will not appear on the roster as FACT when we are forming relays, so PLEASE make our life easier and follow these simple instructions.

What about local club dues and other fees?
Local groups are and always continued to be independent groups that set their own pool fees, coaching fees, dues, and whatever else they already do. Nothing changes at the local level! FACT Workout Group and Local Club can still speak to each other (aquaquack), practice in the same lanes, attend the same social functions, volunteer to help at workout group and club events, and everything else they’ve always done.

Competition rules are covered on the Florida LMSC website, floridalmsc.org under Form & Registration: Explanation of FACT competition in Local and National Meets.

All new individual and relay records set by members of the combined team will be listed with the combined team designation and must be reported to the LMSC Top Ten and Records Chair as such, not with the individual workout group designations. Because the combined team is the only official USMS-registered club, club affiliation with record performances need to be consistent at the LMSC, ZONE, USMS and FINA levels.

  • At meets within and outside the LMSC, individuals can participate in relay events.
  • Relays can be created in a variety of age groups Socially, it provides an opportunity for increased involvement in Masters swimming, makes Masters swimming more enjoyable, and encourages people to become involved in Masters swimming.
  • Relays tend to be “bonding” types of events, so individuals get to know swimmers from other small clubs and are more likely to attend meets if they know they are swimming on a relay.
  • If one of the chapters has a coach who attends meets, the coach offers suggestions and tips to other swimmers on the combined team.

  • The likelihood of putting together national championship and All-American relays is much greater.
  • The likelihood of winning National team championships is greater.
  • At National and International competitions where attendance is usually small, combined team members have a greater opportunity to create competitive, winning relays and contend National titles.
  • The elite swimmers already know each other and have no problem putting together relays; however, they are often in need of a certain age, stroke and gender and members of the combined team have a great chance of participating and contributing to a team effort.

Swimwear with the current logo is available through Metro Sports on the internet.  Our contact is Ryan Gilmartin at ryan@metrosportsnh.com  We have currently embroidered shirts and jackets available at very reasonable prices.  Orders can be processed by going to https://factswim.itemorder.com/sale.

We are able to order suits from Agon Swim Wear, Marcie@agonswim.com.  I have recently ordered a number of caps from Agon.  You can purchase them from me (Joan) at any of our swim meets for $5.00.  These are free for those attending National and International competitions.  

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